After my two BAs in Theology and Classics (both at the University of Bucharest), I choose to follow studies of specialization in Patristics (MA in Patristic Theology at the Patristic Institute Augustinianum, Rome) and early Byzantine period (MA in Church History, University of Bucharest). Progressively, I became interested in the theological and philosophical doctrines that lie behind the thinking of the Church Fathers, and I am presently writing a PhD thesis on the concept of 'participation' in St Maximus the Confessor (580-662) at Augustinianum.

As a complementary extension of this work on Maximus' early Byzantine theology, I took up the research of the 'Palamite' controversy and its aftermath in the Palaiologan Byzantium (I cover roughly the period 1330-1453).

Relevant publications: Gradual Participation according to St Maximus the Confessor in Studia Patristica 68:16 (2013), 281-293; The Vocabulary of Participation in the Works of Maximus the Confessor, in Octavian Gordon, Alexandru Mihaila (eds.), Naboth's Vineyard. Studia theologica recentiora, Cluj-Napoca 2012, 295-317; Patriarh si patriarhie īn epoca sinoadelor ecumenice (Patriarch and Patriarchate in the Epoch of the Ecumenical Councils), in Mircea Pacurariu (ed.), Autocefalia: libertate si demnitate, Bucuresti 2010, 416-443; Contributia pr. Dumitru Staniloae (1903-1993) īn domeniul traducerilor patristice romānesti. Problema cronologiei traducerilor, principiile traductologice si receptarea critica (Dumitru Staniloae's Translations from the Church Fathers. Their Chronology, the Method of Translation and their Critical Reception), in Studii Teologice 3 (2008), 103-141; Sf. Maxim Marturisitorul, Zece capete despre virtute si pacat. Problema autenticitatii (Maximus the Confessor's Ten Chapters on Virtue and Sin. The Issue of Authenticity), in Studii Teologice 3 (2007), 135-151 [A reelaborated version has also been published in Bogdan Tataru-Cazaban (ed.), Communion and Contemplation. Essays on Patristic and Byzantine Christianity, Bucharest 2011, 23-41].